Cavs New Look on the Court-Literally

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Cleveland Cavaliers have had quite the offseason. From getting the number one overall pick (again) to LeBron’s coming home to acquiring Kevin Love in a deal that sent the aforementioned #1 pick (Andrew Wiggins) out of town before his first NBA game to numerous other transactions that has made the Cavs among the favorites to win the NBA Championship this season. All this has triggered a tsunami of positive vibes and momentum on the North Coast.  Giving Cleveland legitimate hope of a fifty-year title drought finally getting quenched.

There are changes in the mindsets and attitudes of fans, and perceptions of those outside of those living or natives of Northeast Ohio.  So changing the team’s court design, along with a new scoreboard being dubbed the Humongatron, seems to be right on par with the start of a new era in Cavaliers basketball.  The Cavs (@cavs) and owner Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) have tweeted out some pictures of what fans will see inside and outside the Q.

Pretty cool stuff. T-Minus 30 days until the start of the regular season.  Enjoy the ride Cavs fans!

14121762461412180541Outside Cavs Team Shop

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