Memorial Tournament Pairings & Tee Times

The 38th Memorial Tournament gets underway Thursday at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin.  Here are the pairings and tee times for the first two rounds.

First Round-Thursday

1st Tee

7:20 a.m.—Day, Jones, Colsaerts

7:31—Senden, McGirt, Spieth

7:42—Beljan, Moore, Glover

7:53—Wagner, Byrd, Cink

8:04—Brown, Piercy, Love

8:15—Horschel, Laird, Westwood

8:26—Snedeker, Henley, Donald

8:37—Leishman, Pettersson, McNeill

8:48—Barnes, Lingmerth, Tringale

8:59—Garrigus, Duke, Hahn

12:10 p.m.—Every, Kokrak, Stuard

12:21—Perez, Stadler, Karlsson

12:32—Villegas, Noh, Gomez

12:43—Johnson, Stenson, Allenby

12:54—Fowler, Huh, Molder

1:05—Kuchar, Simpson, Mahan

1:16—Woods, Bradley, Couples

1:27—Potter Jr., Singh, Immelman

1:38—Cauley, Walker, Kohles

1:49—Bolli, a-Guan, a-Williamson

10th Tee

7:20 a.m.—Chalmers, Teater, Jobe

7:31—Davis, Compton, Hearn

7:42—Ishikawa, Hicks, Castro

7:53—Henry, Wilson, Leonard

8:04—Thompson, Choi, Weir

8:15—Scott, Els, Schwartzel

8:26—McIlroy, Watson, Rose

8:37—Ernst, Stallings, Stanley

8:48—Driscoll, Guthrie, Harman

8:59—Wi, Thompson, DeLaet

12:10 p.m.—de Jonge, Chappell, Fdez-Castano

12:21—Hoffman, Van Pelt, Stroud

12:32—Overton, Gillis, Grace

12:43—Gainey, Haas, Perry

12:54—Curtis, Furyk, Ogilvy

1:05—Streelman, Johnson, Kirk

1:16—Bae, Points, Watney

1:27—Steele, Woodland, Baddeley

1:38—Howell, Wittenberg, Lee

1:49—Coetzee, Lowry, a-Fox

Second Round-Friday

1st Tee

7:20 a.m.—de Jonge, Chappell, Fdez-Castano

7:31—Hoffman, Van Pelt, Stroud

7:42—Overton, Gillis, Grace

7:53—Gainey, Haas, Perry

8:04—Curtis, Furyk, Ogilvy

8:15—Streelman, Johnson, Kirk

8:26—Bae, Points, Watney

8:37—Steele, Woodland, Baddeley

8:48—Howell, Wittenberg, Lee

8:59—Coetzee, Lowry, a-Fox

12:10 p.m.—Chalmers, Teater, Jobe

12:21—Davis, Compton, Hearn

12:32—Ishikawa, Hicks, Castro

12:43—Henry, Wilson, Leonard

12:54—Thompson, Choi, Weir

1:05—Scott, Els, Schwartzel

1:16—McIlroy, Watson, Rose

1:27—Ernst, Stallings, Stanley

1:38—Driscoll, Guthrie, Harman

1:49—Wi, Thompson, DeLaet

10th Tee

7:20 a.m.—Every, Kokrak, Stuard

7:31—Perez, Stadler, Karlsson

7:42—Villegas, Noh, Gomez

7:53—Johnson, Stenson, Allenby

8:04—Fowler, Huh, Molder

8:15—Kuchar, Simpson, Mahan

8:26—Woods, Bradley, Couples

8:37—Potter Jr., Singh, Immelman

8:48—Cauley, Walker, Kohles

8:59—Bolli, a-Guan, a-Williamson

12:10 p.m.—Day, Jones, Colsaerts

12:21—Senden, McGirt, Spieth

12:32—Beljan, Moore, Glover

12:43—Wagner, Byrd, Cink

12:54—Brown, Piercy, Love

1:05—Horschel, Laird, Westwood

1:16—Snedeker, Henley, Donald

1:27—Leishman, Pettersson, McNeill

1:38—Barnes, Lingmerth, Tringale

1:49—Garrigus, Duke, Hahn

Subject to change.

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