Ray Small Apologizes

Remember Ray Small? The wide receiver spent almost his entire Buckeye career (2006-2009) in Jim Tressel’s doghouse for repeatedly violating team rules. Being late to team meetings, skipping class, etc.  During one of his suspensions, Small’s dad accused Tressel of having it in for his son, nearly prompting Ray to transfer to another school. Then in 2011, after his Buckeye career was over and in the midst of that TatGate scandal that ultimately cost Tressel his job, Small said he sold his memorabilia, including Big Ten championship rings, while playing at Ohio State to help pay for bills and got car deals because “everybody was doing it.” Only to change his story a few days later.  Well, Ray Small is back in the news. The now 26 year old recently recorded a cell-phone video apologizing over and over to several people, especially those involved with Buckeye football.  Small eludes to a trial he’s facing this summer from a 2012 incident.

It’s a two part video. Part One:

Part Two:

I spoke to Ray Small talk numerous times over his playing career at Ohio State, during the allotted media availability.  I always thought him to be polite and genuinely a nice guy.  Yet, he would be one who repeatedly made dumb mistakes. Perhaps a sign of immaturity, or a sense of entitlement, or whatever.  I hope Ray has learned from his mistakes and realizes the impact they had on others and that he gets his life on track. Only time will tell.

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