Some Swag For Your Efforts

College football players put in a lot of hard work year-round, not just on Saturday afternoons (or any day ending in Y if you’re a MAC team) during the fall. From waking up at 5am for conditioning drills in the dead of winter, spring practice, spending your summers with 7-on-7’s, and two-a-days under the hot August sun.  All that before even playing a game! Well, if you’re one of the 74 teams (out of 120) lucky enough to be bowl eligible, or even better, one of the mere 70 teams going bowling, not only to get the chance to go to such travel hotspots as Boise, Shreveport,  and Mobile, but you get some goodies for all your hard work!  Nothing says thanks for your good job good effort like getting a stadium blanket, winter gloves, a mini helmet, lapel pin, or even a belt buckle!  Seriously.  Betcha those items will be hot sellers on E-Bay.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s a list of some of the swag bowl games are giving players this season.  Maybe you’ll get some gift ideas for this holiday season.

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