Random Thoughts

For the third time in the last four trips to Wisconsin, Ohio State will put is unbeaten record on the line against the Badgers.  Thanks to postseason bans for both Ohio State and Penn State, Wiscy will be the Leaders Division representative in the Big Ten Championship Game. With a win, Ohio State will be the outright Leaders Division champion.  This isn’t your father’s (or Sweater Vest’s) Buckeyes.  Even though he’s saying all the right things, do you honestly think Urban Meyer forgot the comments made by Bret Bielema during recruiting?  Urban is all about making a statement to Bielema and the rest of the Big Ten.  Add to that the fact the Buckeyes are gunning for a perfect season, and I see OSU not letting off the gas pedal and dominating the Badgers.  A perfect way to get into Michigan Week.  By the way, on a completely different note, did you ever notice that Big Ten mascots have the largest heads of any mascots in the country?

The NHL Lockout is entering its third month.  Negotiations continue to go nowhere, the cancellation of, not only the All-Star Game in Columbus, but the entire season is on the fast track to becoming reality.  So what does the genius Gary Bettman propose?  A two-week break in talks.  Sure, that makes sense.  After all, they’ve worked sooooo hard over the past 62 days to try to get a deal done. (By the way, you can’t see it, but I typed that last line with dripping sarcasm). The owners are crying about the current deal…a deal that they cancelled the 2004-05 season for in order to get.  I know Donald Fehr isn’t exactly a sweetheart either, but at least the players are trying to budge in order to save the game of hockey in North America.  How Gary Bettman has a job is beyond me.  He’s a dope.  His track record speaks for itself.

Courtesy memegenerator.net

UFC 154 takes place this weekend in Montreal, marking the return of one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world, Geroges St. Pierre.  The UFC Welterweight champion goes against the interim champ Carlos Condit.  Even though he’s coming off a 19-month layoff due to a torn ACL.  Cage rust will not be a factor.  GSP is already one of the most freakishly athletic fighters in the UFC, and his intense rehab from ACL surgery only increases that tenfold.  Condit has a good chin, but he’s no match for GSP.  Often criticized for not finishing fights, I think St. Pierre will look to finish Condit by the third round, setting up a SuperFight with Anderson Silva.  It’s hard to go against GSP in his hometown, right?  In the co-main event, a possible #1 contender spot in the 170 pound division is up for grabs when Martin Kampmann fights Johny Hendricks.  Both have knockout power with Kampmann being a more technical striker.  But I think Hendricks superior ground game will be the difference.  I give the edge to Hendricks in what should be a great fight.

The Miami Marlins latest fire sale is perhaps the most offensive of all.  They could kinda justify their past dumpings of players by saying they’re not drawing crowds, even during World Series title runs.  But after getting public money to build a new ballpark so they can compete and become the “Yankees of the South”, they fired their high profile manager, dealt all their big free agent signings from 2011 along with some of their best players who’ve been there for awhile less after just one season?  Jeff Loria is the worst owner in all of sports.  If baseball was smart, they would strip him and his smug son of ownership for life.  The only thing that would make this worse for Marlins fans is if Fidel Castro throws out the first pitch at Opening Day next year.

Hey, sabermetrics guys, stop whining!  Miguel Cabrera deserved the AL MVP.  Mike Trout may turn out to be a better player over the long haul. Time will tell.  If the choices are a guy who hits for baseball’s first Triple Crown in 45 years AND helps his team to the playoffs and a rookie who had a very good season on a team finished third in their division, the choice is simple.  Cabrera deserved to win it and deserved to win the MVP by the wide margin he did.  Baseball writers got it right.

Last but not least.  Word came down this morning that Hostess will be shutting down. This means no more of these delicious goodies.  A sad day for my stomach, indeed.  Little Debbie, you are now everybody’s new BFF.

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