Just How Bad is the B1G?

After four weeks of the college football season, it means (mercifully) the start of conference play in the Big Ten.  Jim Delaney’s league has been the butt of jokes in and out of Big Ten Country for its play on the football field so far.  From getting beat bad against other BCS schools, like Alabama, Arizona State, Iowa State, Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, and Virginia to losing to non-BCS schools, such as Ball State, Central Michigan, Louisiana Tech, and Ohio.  Well, I did a little research and here are the numbers on how the Big Ten compares to other BCS conferences so far in non-conference play:

1) Big Twelve    22-2  .917

2) SEC               28-7 .800

3) ACC               24-9 .727

4) Pac-12          23-9  .718

5) Big Ten          33-13 .717

6) Big East       16-9  .640

Just for kicks, in case you care, some others:

MAC                     20-21  .488

Mountain West  14-19  .424

Sun Belt              14-19 .424

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