Did Something Happen Last Night?

Unless you’ve been under a rock (and with this hot weather, who could blame you), the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last night.  Of course the biggest story from that is that LeBron James wins his first NBA title.  Being born and raised in Cleveland, along with being a lifelong suffering Cleveland sports fan, I am a LeBron Hater.  However, when he took his talents to South Beach to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, I knew a championship was inevitable.  As much as I wanted him to go title-less, how could the Heat not win a title at some point having a couple of top-five players and another all-star on the roster?  LeBron won a championship last night, and I really don’t care.

I am over the fact the LeBron left via free agency.  It was his right to do so.  I get that.  Me and most other Cavs fans have gotten over the fact that he left, but never over how he left. Never will. Respect his game (when he tries), but not his character. Should fans ever get over when their team loses a big game? No. That’s why we’re fans. Same reason why fans won’t get over how he left Cleveland. The ‘Lebron had crap players to work with’ argument is ridiculous. Back to back #1 overall seeds, that were the favorites to win the title going into the 2010 playoffs. Did that talent match the Heat’s current roster top to bottom? No, but to say he had nothing in Cleveland is just dumb. While LeBron was in Cleveland, GM Danny Ferry and owner Dan Gilbert consulted with LeBron (as any team that has a player of that caliber should) on who they should get to play with him.  Larry Hughes.  Damon Jones.  Donyell Marshall.  Mo Williams.  Joe Smith twice.  All guys LeBron wanted the Cavs to go out and get.  Guys like Trevor Ariza and Michael Redd were considering coming to Cleveland as free agents.  They would ask LBJ if he was still going to be in Cleveland when his contract expired.  He w0uldn’t give an answer either way.  So they never played for the Cavs.

Myopic is a term that’s better suited for the LeBron apologists than for fans of any team. It’s funny when LeBron loses, it’s because he has nothing around him. Heard it when he left Cleveland, and heard it when the Heat lost to the Mavericks in last year’s Finals and heard it again when they were trailing in series to Indiana, Boston, and OKC this year. When his teams win, it’s all because of LeBron. Really? Bosh and Wade didn’t do anything? Lest we forget about the occasional contributions during the Heat’s title run from Mario Chalmers or Shane Battier or Norris Cole or Mike Miller? Even though LeBron had his best postseason since 2007 (amazing what effort can do), LBJ didn’t win this title by himself by any means. He was just a part, albeit a big one, of the reason the Heat won.  A guy with talent that LeBron has SHOULD win a Championship at some point.  On June 21, 2012 he did.  Now we can go back to the same boring lives that we had before Game Five.

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