Another Cool Thing About My “Job”

I always tell people I feel blessed that I am doing something I love for a living.  Talking and covering sports.  One of the perks of my “job” is being able to stand up close to some of the biggest names in sports.  During my career, I’ve had a chance to be a microphone’s length away from people like Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Ken Griffey Jr.; and also talk on the phone to the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Scotty Bowman, and Tom Izzo and Charles Barkley.

Well, this week I was once again to be fortunate enough to be in the presence of greatness.  As you or may not know, the Memorial Tournament is going on this week at Muirfield Village.  It’s the eighth straight year I’ve covered Jack’s event.  Every year the tourney honors some of golf’s most significant contributors.  The 2012 honoree is Tom Watson. You know, the five-time British Open and eight-time Major Championship winner Tom Watson.  Yeah, that guy.  Following the honoree ceremony, Watson was made available to the media for some Q&A.  I was one of the fortunate few there with a microphone and a recorder.  He came across as humble and gracious as could be, answering each question (including mine) completely and in great detail.  Look, does hitting a ball farther or shooting a ball more accurately than most make you a better person?  No.  However, it does make us appreciate those who are among the best ever at what they do.  I admit that I’m not exactly the biggest golf expert, but I do appreciate greatness, no matter the sport.  This week, I got to be a few feet away from a couple of guys who are legends in their sport.  Not everyone can say that.  If you love what you do for a living, then it doesn’t feel like work.  I am truly blessed, indeed.

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